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Sassy ♥

Sassy/gator tester

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Characters Name:either Bong Lord, or Charles Edwards

Age (Real Life):18

Age (In Game): 21


Do you have access to a microphone?: Yes

What is your job title? (Not applicable if you don’t have a job): 

Why do you want to become a Tester?: I wanna see how the game feels and come into the community and possibly help it in future times. I really like to role play was mainly a player on fivem and got around a lot with jumping to server to server.

What are your top 3 attributes?: Loyal, Funny, Good music taste?

What makes you better than anyone else who may be applying for this position?: I mean I wouldn't say I was better than anyone else out there, there might be there might not be, but I know I can be loyal on the servers and not do greifing things or abuse glitches/ anything that made it unfair to me, I'd report it straight away.

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