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  1. Dont know what your talking about I said my RP name is known for finding and using bugs/exploits in rp games go ask monolith rp. Yes, I am applying to test out CivilContract a rp game well aware on that thanks for the reminder.
  2. Characters Name: Laquesha Brown Age (Real Life): 17 Age (In Game): 18 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:101584437 Do you have access to a microphone?: Yes What is your job title? (Not applicable if you don’t have a job): Career Criminal Why do you want to become a Tester?: I want to become a tester because I want to see a roleplay game thrive and not become another identity. I like to roleplay and theres a very limited amount of games you can actually roleplay in and have some fun gmod and arma are getting really repetitive and it not really roleplay so if I could help a game in any way possible to make it an actual roleplay game I want to do it. What are your top 3 attributes?: I'm able to find bugs or exploits relatively fast, I'm very detail oriented and observant, years of experience of playing rp games so I could help out with different spots for NPC's or interactive object placements if needed. What makes you better than anyone else who may be applying for this position?: I've been playing rp games for years and something the Laquesha name is known for is finding bugs and exploiting them but, in this case I'd like to find bugs and report them and get them fixed. I'm also very OCD so if something is clipping through walls that shouldn't be I'll be able to report that as well.