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  1. To submit your application you must meet the following requirements -Working Microphone - YEEEP -At least 15 years old - Yep -Not annoying - Okay maybe or maybe not idk -Mature - I can be mature in situations that need it -At least have some knowledge on being Staff - Alot of knowledge -Don't be toxic - I am not toxic ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PLEASE TITLE YOUR APPLICATION WITH YOUR INGAME NAME Roleplay name: Kasen Grandier SteamID and SteamURL: https://steamcommunity.com/id/inodewaealldewae/ STEAM_0:0:56313914 playtime on server (lying will result in denial of application): 2 hours 32 mins Previous staff experience - Will go Check: Gmod: Liquid Network - Mod Nano Servers - Community Manager Doogle - Admin Athena - Community Manager Righteous Networks - Owner (We were a trio of owners) Amaryllis - Owner FalconRP - Supervisor Ark: Amaryllis - Owner Minecraft: Amaryllis - Owner Have you ever been warned, kicked or banned from our server: Nope Tell us a little about yourself? eg, What you enjoying doing in your spare time: My name is Kasen, i like to play games, i like to help people and make sure they have a nice time. My job irl is a customer experience crew were i directly interact with customers to make sure their experience is the best that they can have. In my spare time i like to play gmod darkrp lmao Why you think we should make you a member of staff: The thing i see most with servers that annoys me is rule breakers lying to staff and getting away with it. I used to minge and break the rules a long time ago and used every excuse in the book. Due to this i would make an excellent staff member because I can 1. Deal with situations and 2. See through peoples lies. Not much can get past me and I deal with situations quite maturely. Referral names and SteamURLs or SteamIDs: wot I don't want to add anything that might ruin my chances of being staff :D