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  1. In Game Identity: Unknown at this time Your discord username: ThunderBolt#3343 Player ID (steamID64 from here😞76561198000651289 Have you previously applied to PD? (link your previous application(s)): nope never Have you ever been banned? (list for what type of bans): nope havent been banned yet and hopefully never will Estimated time on server that you'll be on duty (50% time as Police and 50% time as CIV for example): 50% civ 50% police Why do you want to join the Police department?: i want to join the police force to help protect and server the people of Capital gaming RP to keep the laws enforced for the safety of everyone life to make sure that the people feel safe in there own home in the city and out doors partying having fun or working to make money i want to do my best to keep everyone happy and safe What value can you bring as a Police Officer?: i want to bring safety for the city so people know they can feel safe in this city to be able to go out for a drive a walk heck even going to the bank to put away money with out being robbed kidnapped etc What can you improve on, if you were to join the police force?: i want to improve on pursuit chases as im not very good at stopping people by bumping the back of the bad guys car so i want to improve on that and many other things as ive never been a police officer of the law before How old are you?: i am 26 in real life How many days/hrs each week do you play and what times? (convert to EST): i play any time from around 11pm-12 am depending on how long i play on the server for What experience do you have as a Police Officer on other RP servers? (List servers/your cop name on them and your rank. It CAN be from other games! This doesn't make or break your approval, just helps us gauge how much we need to teach you!): i have plenty of expirence as a cop as ive roleplayed as 1 for about a year in gta rp on a server called badlands rp How much RP experience do you have? (Time played on other RP servers): ive had many hours on other servers but i cant remeber what they were called and on this server i currently still rp on Badlands rp Additional comments?: none at this time that i can think of