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  8. Accepted contact Varius Benson for furthering the process of your application.
  9. To submit your application you must meet the following requirements -Working Microphone - YEEEP -At least 15 years old - Yep -Not annoying - Okay maybe or maybe not idk -Mature - I can be mature in situations that need it -At least have some knowledge on being Staff - Alot of knowledge -Don't be toxic - I am not toxic ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PLEASE TITLE YOUR APPLICATION WITH YOUR INGAME NAME Roleplay name: Kasen Grandier SteamID and SteamURL: STEAM_0:0:56313914 playtime on server (lying will result in denial of application): 2 hours 32 mins Previous staff experience - Will go Check: Gmod: Liquid Network - Mod Nano Servers - Community Manager Doogle - Admin Athena - Community Manager Righteous Networks - Owner (We were a trio of owners) Amaryllis - Owner FalconRP - Supervisor Ark: Amaryllis - Owner Minecraft: Amaryllis - Owner Have you ever been warned, kicked or banned from our server: Nope Tell us a little about yourself? eg, What you enjoying doing in your spare time: My name is Kasen, i like to play games, i like to help people and make sure they have a nice time. My job irl is a customer experience crew were i directly interact with customers to make sure their experience is the best that they can have. In my spare time i like to play gmod darkrp lmao Why you think we should make you a member of staff: The thing i see most with servers that annoys me is rule breakers lying to staff and getting away with it. I used to minge and break the rules a long time ago and used every excuse in the book. Due to this i would make an excellent staff member because I can 1. Deal with situations and 2. See through peoples lies. Not much can get past me and I deal with situations quite maturely. Referral names and SteamURLs or SteamIDs: wot I don't want to add anything that might ruin my chances of being staff :D
  10. To submit your application you must meet the following requirements -Working Microphone -At least 15 years old -Not annoying -Mature -At least have some knowledge on being Staff -Don't be toxic ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PLEASE TITLE YOUR APPLICATION WITH YOUR INGAME NAME Roleplay name: SteamID and SteamURL: playtime on server (lying will result in denial of application): Previous staff experience - Will go Check: Have you ever been warned, kicked or banned from our server: Tell us a little about yourself? eg, What you enjoying doing in your spare time: Why you think we should make you a member of staff: Referral names and SteamURLs or SteamIDs: (include anything here that you wish to state in the application.)
  11. DarkRP Rules (Updated) Capital Gaming DarkRP Rules [0] Terminology / Examples [1] General Rules [2] Roleplay Rules [3] Chat & Voice Rules [4] Criminal Rules [0] Terminology / Examples RP - Roleplay - To act and speaks as if you are the character you are portraying. It means to keep your speech in the context of the setting in which your character exists. Context can be defined as both time and place. IC - In-Character - This refers to anything that relates to what and how your character feels and acts. This does not represent what you believe personally. OOC - Out-Of-Character - This refers to representing yourself and your own personal opinions and feelings. This may not interfere with IC roleplay. NLR - New-Life-Rule - Your portrayed character can not remember any of the the events leading up to, and including, his death. Metagaming - Taking OOC to IC or vice-versa. Example: Bob would be walking down the street as he’d see a citizen who is an undercover cop. However, he uses the scoreboard to know he’s an undercover cop and avoids him based on using information not known to the character. Powergaming - Forcing your actions upon someone else without any chance for them to resist it at all, causing you to have an unfair advantage. This can range from an deputy holding you down without counter to a criminal dragging you somewhere. Example: Brad grabs Bob and presses him on the ground; he can't move or do anything as he’d ignore the attempts of Bob resisting. FearRP - The act of roleplaying fear as your character. This means that your character’s life is in danger and have to respond properly towards it. RDM - Random Deathmatch - The process of killing people without valid In-Character reasons. RDA - Random Arrest - The process of arresting people without valid In-Character reasons. VDM - Vehicle Deathmatch - The process of killing people without valid In-Character reasons - just with a vehicle. FailRP - Actions performed by your character that are not realistic and do not correlate with the setting of the server and your roleplay role. FTVL - Failure To Value Life - The act of not valuing the life of your character, such as running into active shootouts. ERP - Erotic Roleplay - Any role-playing activity performed mostly, or exclusively, for the purpose of sexual behavior. Raid - The act of breaking into or illegally entering a property with the intent to rob, kill, or commit any kind of criminal action to its residents, or to any items inside of the property. Mugging/Robbery - The act of stealing someone's personal belongings in a public place. Government Job - Refers to any member of the Police Department, Sheriff's Department, Fire Department, Medical Services, Mayoral Services, Taxi Service, Delivery Service and Tow Truck Service. Admin Sit - Administrative Situation - The process of being brought into a private area, such as a roof, by a staff member to OOC’ly talk about (a) past situation(s) you have been reported for or partook in. Cop Baiting - The act of excessively provoking Law Enforcement for the sole purpose of having them chase you or incite some other reaction from them for your own mere enjoyment. [1] General Rules Your expected behaviour is not limited to the rules below. Use common sense: When in doubt if something you are doing might be against the rules, it could very well be. If you have any doubt, contact a staff member. This community has respect as a core value; therefore we ask that you treat everybody with respect and give them a chance to experience the community. Treat those the way you would want to be treated. Do not take matters into your own hands. The staff is here for a reason. Their decisions are final. Do not disrespect or test their patience. Take it to the appropriate forum board if required. We do not tolerate any malicious or illegal activity on our services. This includes, but is not limited to threatening to Dox or DDoS anyone within the community, to hack a players account, scam someone of something that has real monetary value, spreading of malware, releasing IP addresses, home addresses, phone numbers, names, pictures or email usernames. Criminal activity will be reported to the appropriate authorities if deemed necessary. We do not tolerate derogatory slurs towards any group of people, such as racism, homophobia etc., within the community - especially Out-Of-Character. Your in-game character may be offensive to a certain degree HOWEVER, once players feel uncomfortable you have to stop immediately. Be observant and considerate. Things like the N-word and other ethnic slurs are never acceptable - neither Out-Of-Character nor In-Character. Any form of hacking, abusing or exploiting to gain an advantage over other players is not allowed. Report accidental exploiting to the respective staff members immediately and refrain from using and sharing those. You may not talk about anything sexual in any realm of the game. Roleplay involving any type of sexual intercourse is strictly forbidden. Rape role-play will be punished severely. You may not spam in any way and form. This includes, but is not limited to, in-game chat, voice chat and in-game commands. Advertising products or servers not directly affiliated to Capital GamingRP is not permitted in any form. You may not grief, troll, harass or do other things with the intention of annoying other players. Do not bother staff members regarding ban appeals, refund requests, etc. Doing so may result in the ban appeal, refund request, etc. being denied. You must report a rule-breach when it happens/when a role-play situation is over with. While you await a staff member, do not stall the situation as a staff member will intervene as they see fit. Do not backseat moderate. If someone is metagaming in OOC, let online staff take care of it; we don't need 15 different people pointing it out every time. Private messages (!pm) are OOC and may not be used for any kind of IC communication. In return, iMessage may not be used for OOC communication. [2.2] Player versus Player You may not kill or knock out players without a valid In-Character reason. You may not kill a player for simply insulting you. Threaten them with a firearm and alternatively shoot them to injure them first. If they persists after this, you are free to kill them. Vehicle Deathmatch is not allowed without a proper reason. You may use your vehicle as a weapon if your or a befriended life is in immediate danger and no other option of self defense is available. Attacking to kill should be carried out sensibly and not as a first resort, unless you have a good reason for immediate lethal action. Reasons for killing another player last until your character dies (NLR), you become aware of that the other party has died (NLR), or until one hour has passed since the cause of the reason occurred. After having killed another player, you must tell them the reason for killing them as soon as possible - either via voice or text chat. Alternatively, you can chose to initiate the killing by stating your reason. Kills carried out in self-defence or raids are excepted from this rule. Surrendered parties (in a Raid, Mugging, Kidnapping and/or Robbery) may not be killed unless they are actively resisting, not valuing their life, threatening to kill or snitch on you, yelling for help or the Law Enforcement fail to fulfill requested demands. During a PvP situation such as muggings and raids etc, you may not kill surrendered parties simply for speaking a few words, unless they are actively yelling for help, trying to attract attention, insulting or threatening you (refer to rules 2.2.2 and 2.2.4). You may not kill a Law Enforcement Officer unless you have a valid roleplay reason to do so. These could include, but is not limited to, visibly carrying illegal weapons or visibly performing an illegal activity. These reasons depend on the context. If police are attempting to initiate an arrest on you while you are carrying hidden illegal items in your inventory, that is a valid reason to kill them. You may not harm a Law Enforcement Officer for writing you, your friends or crew members a ticket. In addition, you may not harm a Law Enforcement Officer for previously arresting you and/or confiscating items from your inventory. You may not harm a Tow Truck Driver for towing or impounding you, your friends or crew member's vehicle. In addition, you may not harm a Tow Truck Driver for previously towing or impounding you, your friends or crew member's vehicle. Law Enforcement may only be harmed if they are a direct threat to you. Passing by officers and deputies, such as those obeying NLR, may not be harmed unless they initiate on you. You may not loot a corpse during a gunfight if you are not directly involved in that situation. Law Enforcement Officers are eligible to confiscate illegal belongings of these corpses.. You are required to give the opposing party a reasonable time-period to respond and act upon your commands in situations where the rules allow various outcomes based on how the opposing party reacts. For example, it is forbidden to shoot someone instantly after giving them the order to put their hands up while at gunpoint. You need to make sure the opposing party heard you. Keep the voice-chat delay in mind. The Third-Person view may not be used before and during combat. This includes switching back and forth from your equipped weapons to perform this action. [2.5] Base Building You may not use one-sided see-through props for defensive measures. You must support your props accordingly and not go against the law of physics. You may only build props on your own property. You may not use props to get from your property to another property/otherwise unreachable area. You must not disrupt/direct player movement in a building. Do not build a 'maze' like defence. You may not block off any entrances/exits to your building. All entrances need to be accessible at all times. You may not build unfair defences. Both parties (attacking and defending) need to be able to look each other into the eyes. Unfair defences include defences where the attacking party is unable to shoot the defending party without crouching, but the defending party being able to shoot them right away. [2.6] FailRP You must abide by realistic roleplay measures. If something you are doing is illogical in a real life situation, then you can’t do it on the server. You may not continuously spam “E” on a door to prevent someone from breaking in. You may roleplay blocking the door, but if the party on the opposite side of the door is stronger, let go of the door. You may not instantly run off after you have been tased. Act realistically by crouching on the floor. You may not steal items from other players without performing a /me. Instantly stealing money that another player dropped in a transaction is forbidden. Instead do a /me of stealing it and give the player(s) time to react. Lootbags are exempt from this rule. You may not jump into a vehicle while handcuffed unless another person in or around said vehicle does a /me of opening the door for you. This rule does not apply for being forced into a police car by a Law Enforcement Officer. It is not allowed to produce any kind of drugs in unowned buildings nor outside unless in your backyard. You may not steal players vehicles which have just been unlocked. You may not cop bait - the act of excessively provoking Law Enforcement for the sole purpose of having them chase you or incite some other reaction from them for your own mere enjoyment. [3] Chat & Voice Rules You may not use voice chat for OOC communication if it in any way impedes or disturbs ongoing roleplay. Do not break character, stay in character at all times unless you are in an administrative situation. Do not complain about players in OOC chat, report them to the administration with as much information as possible using the !report command. You are not allowed to play music through voice chat or use a voice changer. Under ordinary circumstances, you must speak English as your main method of communication. However, on private property you may speak a language which you prefer. When playing on the server, our Discord is the only allowed third-party program for communication - crews get their own channel only accessible to their members. It is prohibited to use the discord for IC communication, eg: sharing locations, agreeing on meetings, trades etc. [4] Criminal Rules Criminal rules are not limited to illegal activities, this is merely a term. [4.1] Mugging, Kidnapping and Robbing [4.1.1] Mugging You must wait out a 10-minute delay to do another mugging after your previous attempt that was either successful or unsuccessful. Any person in your party partaking in the mugging are also affected by this cooldown. You may not obtain Bank Account credentials through theft. You may only take illegal items from a player’s inventory. Weapons, regardless of legality, are able to be obtained. No more than $8,000 in cash can be mugged from another player in any robbery. As the victim you have to drop all your money up to $8,000 maximum if you are in a situation that does not go against FearRP. You may not kill somebody for not giving out your requested amount of money if he does not have enough on him. You may not mug or kidnap in crowded places or near any NPCs, criminal or regular - you must do it in less populated and less exposed areas. This may not be in front of an NPC and/or governmental buildings such as the Police Department, Sheriff's Department, Hospital, Fire Department, City Hall, and the Bank. You can however kill and harm someone near and at all these locations, granted that you have a reason from earlier. If a player is farming, crafting, metalworking, brewing, or cooking next to an NPC, this rule is voided and they are susceptible to criminal roleplay. Taking hostages while raiding the Police Department, Sheriff's Department or Bank also creates an exemption to this rule. [4.1.2] Kidnapping You may only kidnap people once every 10 minutes. After the kidnapping has ended, this cooldown is in place. You may not kidnap additional people from other locations or people not involved in the initial kidnapping. You may only do this after the initial kidnapping has ended and the cooldown has run out. If there are people running around, you may not randomly take them in, as this is considered to be a second kidnapping. This rule applies regardless of the success of the kidnapping. You may not kidnap someone for longer than 15 minutes. You have to release and let the hostage go once that time has passed. A staff member may shorten or lengthen a kidnapping. Any hostage-taking situations that are being confronted by police, are exempt from this rule. You may not ask for more than 3,500$ for each hostage during a hostage situation. Hostages can not be from your own team, group or crew. Hostages may not be awarded any money from the situation they were taken hostage at. If you are caught by police, and or arrested, any money that you gained from the hostage situation, MUST be returned on request of the deputies. 0.1 CGRP_CC.Rules.pdf
  12. If it needs a Translation i want to help with that, i am German and my english is great too
  13. Get your own shirt ingame with your logo or design on it.

    Includes:1x Custom shirt (ingame)

    20.00 AUD

  14. 2 Steps Up

    Get your pass for access to CivilContract once released (pre-order). Become a civilian, have your own house over your head
    and be able to furnish your house to your liking for FREE.

    Includes: PreOrder Deal & 2x Steam Product Keys (One released) , $25,000 Game Cash , Double Story House, One Car Garage, 1x MotorVehicle

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  15. The Man

    Get your pass for access to CivilContract once released (pre-order). Become a civilian and have your own apartment with your own stripmall shop to own and 
    for you to start your own business wether its a gun shop or a clothing store and u get a a big bank account with a little more than others.

    Includes: PreOrder Deal & x3 Steam Product Keys (Once released) , $100,000 Game Cash , Mansion & Apartment, Four Car Garage, 2x MotorVehicle

    79.98 AUD 100.00 AUD

  16. Get your pass for access to CivilContract once released (pre-order). Become a civilian and have your own house over your head
    and be able to furniture your house to your liking.

    Includes: PreOrder Deal & Steam Product Key (Once released) $5,000 Game Cash & 1x House

    40.00 AUD 50.00 AUD

  17. Aussie Bogan

    Get your pass for access to CivilContract once released (pre-order). Become a civilian!
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  18. Yeah no, I was banned for giving constructive criticism I would rather stay away from this game if that's how players will be treated good luck i'm out.
  19. hi mate, what is your discord username
  20. You were banned from the discord.
  21. CivilContract DEMO On behalf of SMT i would like to release the demo for CivilContract, This demo is only a taste test for what is to come and what our team has been working on for the past year, This demo does not require any payments. Download
  22. Wondering if I was banned or if the Discord server was deleted
  23. Congrats Thunderbolt, For passing the Application stage, will let you know when i start the second stage of Recruitment Regards OblongGaming Oz-Burg Police Force
  24. In Game Identity: Unknown at this time Your discord username: ThunderBolt#3343 Player ID (steamID64 from here😞76561198000651289 Have you previously applied to PD? (link your previous application(s)): nope never Have you ever been banned? (list for what type of bans): nope havent been banned yet and hopefully never will Estimated time on server that you'll be on duty (50% time as Police and 50% time as CIV for example): 50% civ 50% police Why do you want to join the Police department?: i want to join the police force to help protect and server the people of Capital gaming RP to keep the laws enforced for the safety of everyone life to make sure that the people feel safe in there own home in the city and out doors partying having fun or working to make money i want to do my best to keep everyone happy and safe What value can you bring as a Police Officer?: i want to bring safety for the city so people know they can feel safe in this city to be able to go out for a drive a walk heck even going to the bank to put away money with out being robbed kidnapped etc What can you improve on, if you were to join the police force?: i want to improve on pursuit chases as im not very good at stopping people by bumping the back of the bad guys car so i want to improve on that and many other things as ive never been a police officer of the law before How old are you?: i am 26 in real life How many days/hrs each week do you play and what times? (convert to EST): i play any time from around 11pm-12 am depending on how long i play on the server for What experience do you have as a Police Officer on other RP servers? (List servers/your cop name on them and your rank. It CAN be from other games! This doesn't make or break your approval, just helps us gauge how much we need to teach you!): i have plenty of expirence as a cop as ive roleplayed as 1 for about a year in gta rp on a server called badlands rp How much RP experience do you have? (Time played on other RP servers): ive had many hours on other servers but i cant remeber what they were called and on this server i currently still rp on Badlands rp Additional comments?: none at this time that i can think of
  25. I was wondering if instead of joining the Civil Servant path or enjoying the rewards of a Career Criminal if I will be able to enjoy the comforts of a nice 18 Wheeler and make delivers and pick up shipments. Earning money by bumping docks would be a very nice path until one decides if they wanna pursue one of the career paths I stated above. If there will be a 18 wheeler implementation will this incorporate Driver Logs, shipping manifests and paper work, along with guidelines when driving? This might include weight, Height, Drive Time and, more.
  26. I mean a translation for the game. Not in this forum or so
  27. Feel free to create a German section on the forums under general
  28. I think it would be great if there is a German translation. Is that possible?
  29. 1. Players will be able to own/run a store/business in town 2. Gun-play will be available in day 1 3. Ability to try on and purchase clothing and accessories 4. The ability to purchase housing and customize it with furniture \ 5. Players will be able to purchase drugs and have the ability to sell it as a income 6. Players will be able to become a police officer as a career 7. Explore the early access open world map and underground train system. 8. Unfortunately there will be no driving for this build but players will be able to visit the PD,players will be able to turn the sirens & lights on and off 9. And much more
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