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  4. Characters Name:either Bong Lord, or Charles Edwards Age (Real Life):18 Age (In Game): 21 SteamID:STEAM_0:0:507190694 Do you have access to a microphone?: Yes What is your job title? (Not applicable if you don’t have a job): Why do you want to become a Tester?: I wanna see how the game feels and come into the community and possibly help it in future times. I really like to role play was mainly a player on fivem and got around a lot with jumping to server to server. What are your top 3 attributes?: Loyal, Funny, Good music taste? What makes you better than anyone else who may be applying for this position?: I mean I wouldn't say I was better than anyone else out there, there might be there might not be, but I know I can be loyal on the servers and not do greifing things or abuse glitches/ anything that made it unfair to me, I'd report it straight away.
  5. We're continuing to improve the car system, but I'm sorry for the image in the video, and I'll improve it soon. civil.mp4
  6. If it needs a Translation i want to help with that, i am German and my english is great too
  7. Get your own shirt ingame with your logo or design on it.

    Includes:1x Custom shirt (ingame)

    20.00 AUD

  8. 2 Steps Up

    Get your pass for access to CivilContract once released (pre-order). Become a civilian, have your own house over your head
    and be able to furnish your house to your liking for FREE.

    Includes: PreOrder Deal & 2x Steam Product Keys (One released) , $25,000 Game Cash , Double Story House, One Car Garage, 1x MotorVehicle

    130.00 AUD 150.00 AUD

  9. The Man

    Get your pass for access to CivilContract once released (pre-order). Become a civilian and have your own apartment with your own stripmall shop to own and 
    for you to start your own business wether its a gun shop or a clothing store and u get a a big bank account with a little more than others.

    Includes: PreOrder Deal & x3 Steam Product Keys (Once released) , $100,000 Game Cash , Mansion & Apartment, Four Car Garage, 2x MotorVehicle

    79.98 AUD 100.00 AUD

  10. Get your pass for access to CivilContract once released (pre-order). Become a civilian and have your own house over your head
    and be able to furniture your house to your liking.

    Includes: PreOrder Deal & Steam Product Key (Once released) $5,000 Game Cash & 1x House

    40.00 AUD 50.00 AUD

  11. Aussie Bogan

    Get your pass for access to CivilContract once released (pre-order). Become a civilian!
    Includes: PreOrder Deal & Steam Copy 

    30.00 AUD

  12. Yeah no, I was banned for giving constructive criticism I would rather stay away from this game if that's how players will be treated good luck i'm out.
  13. hi mate, what is your discord username
  14. You were banned from the discord.
  15. CivilContract DEMO On behalf of SMT i would like to release the demo for CivilContract, This demo is only a taste test for what is to come and what our team has been working on for the past year, This demo does not require any payments. Download
  16. Wondering if I was banned or if the Discord server was deleted
  17. Congrats Thunderbolt, For passing the Application stage, will let you know when i start the second stage of Recruitment Regards OblongGaming Oz-Burg Police Force
  18. In Game Identity: Unknown at this time Your discord username: ThunderBolt#3343 Player ID (steamID64 from here😞76561198000651289 Have you previously applied to PD? (link your previous application(s)): nope never Have you ever been banned? (list for what type of bans): nope havent been banned yet and hopefully never will Estimated time on server that you'll be on duty (50% time as Police and 50% time as CIV for example): 50% civ 50% police Why do you want to join the Police department?: i want to join the police force to help protect and server the people of Capital gaming RP to keep the laws enforced for the safety of everyone life to make sure that the people feel safe in there own home in the city and out doors partying having fun or working to make money i want to do my best to keep everyone happy and safe What value can you bring as a Police Officer?: i want to bring safety for the city so people know they can feel safe in this city to be able to go out for a drive a walk heck even going to the bank to put away money with out being robbed kidnapped etc What can you improve on, if you were to join the police force?: i want to improve on pursuit chases as im not very good at stopping people by bumping the back of the bad guys car so i want to improve on that and many other things as ive never been a police officer of the law before How old are you?: i am 26 in real life How many days/hrs each week do you play and what times? (convert to EST): i play any time from around 11pm-12 am depending on how long i play on the server for What experience do you have as a Police Officer on other RP servers? (List servers/your cop name on them and your rank. It CAN be from other games! This doesn't make or break your approval, just helps us gauge how much we need to teach you!): i have plenty of expirence as a cop as ive roleplayed as 1 for about a year in gta rp on a server called badlands rp How much RP experience do you have? (Time played on other RP servers): ive had many hours on other servers but i cant remeber what they were called and on this server i currently still rp on Badlands rp Additional comments?: none at this time that i can think of
  19. I was wondering if instead of joining the Civil Servant path or enjoying the rewards of a Career Criminal if I will be able to enjoy the comforts of a nice 18 Wheeler and make delivers and pick up shipments. Earning money by bumping docks would be a very nice path until one decides if they wanna pursue one of the career paths I stated above. If there will be a 18 wheeler implementation will this incorporate Driver Logs, shipping manifests and paper work, along with guidelines when driving? This might include weight, Height, Drive Time and, more.
  20. I mean a translation for the game. Not in this forum or so
  21. Feel free to create a German section on the forums under general
  22. I think it would be great if there is a German translation. Is that possible?
  23. 1. Players will be able to own/run a store/business in town 2. Gun-play will be available in day 1 3. Ability to try on and purchase clothing and accessories 4. The ability to purchase housing and customize it with furniture \ 5. Players will be able to purchase drugs and have the ability to sell it as a income 6. Players will be able to become a police officer as a career 7. Explore the early access open world map and underground train system. 8. Unfortunately there will be no driving for this build but players will be able to visit the PD,players will be able to turn the sirens & lights on and off 9. And much more
  25. Dont know what your talking about I said my RP name is known for finding and using bugs/exploits in rp games go ask monolith rp. Yes, I am applying to test out CivilContract a rp game well aware on that thanks for the reminder.
  26. This is a Tester application, to be a game tester... You talk about yourself in real life, not in a roleplay sense. FAILED
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