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Dimitri Hagens

Dimitri Hagens - TesterApplication

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Characters Name: Dimitri Hagens

Age (Real Life): 19

Age (In Game): 19

SteamID: 76561198039852874

Do you have access to a microphone?: yes

What is your job title? (Not applicable if you don’t have a job): Student GameDevelopment

Why do you want to become a Tester?:

this project looks promising but if it fails to deliver in the beginning most people will lose interest I want to help you guys to release a polished first version. and can do so with my experience in unreal engine 4, (unity) and game design. I have been doing research what makes this a good life game I have been doing research for this new genre of games for over a year now. but with the complexity involved, I decided it is currently not viable for me to create one. I rather help the current projects succeed as I love playing them.


What are your top 3 attributes?: perfectionist, experienced with game engines/development, Can do proper reporting of bugs

What makes you better than anyone else who may be applying for this position?:  most people that will sign up have no experience with game development and game design I have this. i look at mechanics to see if they stay fun for players, add something to the game and actually work 



if you are interested in seeing a few of the systems I worked on in the past
I have finished work as well but not on social media

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