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OZBURG Fire Brigade Information

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OZBURG Fire Brigade Information:

OZBURG Urban Fire Station will be manned by Staff/Volunteers. (Only for testing/early access period)

The OZBURG Fire Brigade is a neutral faction and will not be biased to Civilians/Law Enforcement Officers. 

OZBURG Fire Brigade will conduct EMR (Emergency Medical Response) Calls which means we will be going to priority zero calls (not conscious, not breathing, going into/or is in cardiac arrest).

OZBURG Fire Brigade will also be specialised in HAZMAT and SEARCH & RESCUE.

If your application gets ACCEPTED you will be asked to come in for a interview for some questions. 

If your application gets DENIED you will be asked to wait 2 days until you can re-apply.

If your application is on HOLD do not harass command to have a look at it!. 

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