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Tom Crawford

Tom Crawford's Fisher Island Police Department Application

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Your Name? Tom Crawford

Your Date Of Birth? December, 1994

Why do you want to become a law enforcement officer?

I've applied for a position within the Fisher Island Police Department because I'm passionate about role-play & believe I can provide an experience to both improve Police relations with civilians & create a fun environment which isn't all about police coming down on civilians with the almighty hammer and developing a level of respect within the community.

What skills and talents do you have?

I can play 2 musical instruments if that gets me into the Police Band then that's a bonus, I also work with people on a daily basis and believe my tactics in avoiding aggression and defusing situations will come in handy.

Why should we accept you into the force?

As an officer of the law I would dedicate my time to serving and protecting the people of Fisher Island. Everyone deserves a right to feel safe within the community & I think I can bring that to the table.

What is the role of a law enforcement officer?

Two major things come to mind, Firstly, Obviously Enforcement, Ensuring the laws of our land/province/country are followed. Secondly Serving, Our communities look to us for help when in need. We are the first respondents to these events, We are the people who stop bad things from happening to good people.

Do you understand if you don't follow the rules or SOP'S you will be suspended and possibly removed from the force?

I understand the SOP's & Rules

Have you read all the rules and do you understand them?


Sign your name here - Tom Crawford

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Application Accepted Congrats

Please Join Teamspeak and wait inside channel "Waiting for Sheriffs Department" and wait for your interview

Accepted by: Sheriff Varius Benson (Lead Executive)

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