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Your Name? Pixel

Your Date Of Birth? 08/05/02

Why do you want to become a law enforcement officer? I would like to become a law enforcement office because i believe i have a right to protect the civs of Altis

What skills and talents do you have? Skill i have are as follows: Team leader - I believe that i am a good leader because of my communications and knowledge this also follow one of my other skill which is teaching/training.  My final skill would be my ability in combat, I am a accurate shot at range and strong in close combat.

Why should we accept you into the force? Because of my unique skills and different abilities i can give to the team and force

What is the role of a law enforcement officer? The role of a LEO is too protect and several the civs in my area, by patrolling and reporting to crimes

Do you understand if you don't follow the rules or SOP'S you will be suspended and possibly removed from the force? yes

Have you read all the rules and do you understand them?  Yes

Sign your name here - Piggle Wiggle

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Posted (edited)

Application Status: Pending

Please come on to our Teamspeak go to "Waiting for  HR"  For an Interview 

Edited by Andrew Authento

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