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Rules and Regulations

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Rules & Regulations
To provide and maintain an enjoyable experience throughout all of CapitalGamingRP's platforms we have crafted this document. This document outlines the rules and regulations governing CapitalGamingRP's community platforms, including, but not limited to, the communities communication platforms and servers. This document will be updated frequently, with adaptations highlighted in orange, and therefore we recommend you review this document on a regular basis.

Friendly and polite at all times.

Show respect to everyone, no matter their role.

Constructive criticism is allowed but there is zero tolerance for aggressive or entitled demands.

Harassment, abuse hate speech or any kind of discriminatory speech will not be tolerated.

No spam, do not tag people, including community team, repeatedly or without need.

No NSFW content (images and text, including your avatar and nickname, relating to explicit sexual content, mind-altering substances).

No political and or religious topics to be discussed.

No piracy, cheats, cracks or any kind of copyright breaching materials.

Do not publicly accuse others of misconduct.

Please always use the proper channels for reporting users/players to us.

No threats, including those “made as a joke,” will not be tolerated.

No private information to be revealed about any individual or corporate entity.

No advertising (this is all forms of advertising). No economic activity of any kind, it is strictly prohibited.

Use correct channel that are specific to your needs.

Consequences for not following include, a mute, kick from server or even a ban.

Moderators judgement will be used when dealing with disruptive behaviour, these rules are non – exhaustive. No arguing with the moderators or community team.

Circumventing a ban will automatically get you a permaban. If someone breaks the rules, please @ the moderator role or a member of high authority that is online.

Varius Benson
CivilContractRPG Dev |  Community Manager


Please make sure to Comment on the rules and regulations wiith

R&U (stands for Read and Understood)


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