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Found 1 result

  1. Requirements: Must be over the age of 15 Must be apart of the community for over 2 weeks Must have a recommendation from a support or staff member Must not have any type of punishment ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ COPY ME -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Personal Information RP Name: Age: Region (NA/EU/AU, etc..): Tell us about yourself: Position Questions What do you think the role of support is? Why are you interested in joining the support team? (150 Words Min) What skills can you bring to the Support Team that will make you a better choice over other applicants? (100 Words Min) Are you willing to help others over playing the game? Do you have any past experience within a support or staff role? Are you able to handle stressful situations? Do you understand that being a member of the support team will require you to assist members over playing the game and that if found not doing your support duties can and will lead to disciplinary and or termination from the support team without any warnings? What is the difference between being a support member and a moderator? Can you explain in depth what the difference is of being a staff member on a (server/community) compared to working for a company? Knowledge test How long has CivilContract been in the works for? Name three staff members within the community. Describe CivilContract in as much detail as you can. Paste the link to the rules here: Scenario questions A member on discord messages you saying "I would like to speak to the PL about something private are you able to PM him for me" How would you respond to this message? Someone in the discord in threatening another member with DDOS threats how would you deal with this? If someone messaged you on discord saying I am a representative from "steam support" and I'm here on official business may I speak to you. How would you respond? Information Name at least one staff member/support member who has referred you for this role: Your discord Name: (Example: Varius Benson #3343) Signature: