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Found 1 result

  1. CapitalGamingRP Staff Application (Template) Instructions & Requirements Copy and paste the below template into the text area. Please title your application as the following "Your Name - CGRP - Staff Application". Please put effort into your application (This includes using proper English, punctuation and grammar) Age limit 15 (Exceptions can be made) More than 1 week in the community (Exceptions can be made) Has to be mature and understand how to conduct your self professionally. (Must Read) Once u have copied the template to your clipboard click on Apply and proceed to press (New Request) and paste your template into the text area. Fill out all the questions in the template and fill out the other sections - Name & Department & Severity ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Template (bellow) 1. Name Most Commonly Referred To In The Community: 2. Age: 3. Average Weekly Playtime: 4. How Long Have You Been Active In The Community? 5. Something About Yourself (Interests, Occupation, Hobbies, etc.): 6. Why Do You Want To Join The Staff Team? 7. What Can You Bring To The Staff Team? 8. Have You Ever Been Banned Or Kicked From A CGRP Service? 9. What Timezone Do You Live In? 10. Do You Have Any Previous Staffing Experience (Please Include Game, Community, Role, etc.)? 11. Any Other Information You Wish To Provide: