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  1. Dimmies

    Dimmies - Tester Application

    Yes, twitch.tv/dimmiestv
  2. Characters Name: Dylan Jimmies Age (Real Life): 21 Age (In Game): 21 SteamID: 76561198070413563 Do you have access to a microphone?: Yes What is your job title? (Not applicable if you don’t have a job): N/A Why do you want to become a Tester?: Want to see what this game has to offer in hopes that it will be better than Identity in every way possible. I'd also like to help make sure the game starts on the right foot by helping find bugs/glitches/issues. What are your top 3 attributes?: Honest, Open, Loyal What makes you better than anyone else who may be applying for this position?: I take being accepted into testing games pretty serious. I don't just play the game and comment on them. I like to help make sure the game will launch with as little issues as possible and give good suggestions/feedback on things that might help make the game even better.