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    Your Name? Jacob Scott Your Date Of Birth? 27/09/1994 Why do you want to become a law enforcement officer? I would like to join the force to help protect the people of this fine city. i wish to protect my home and like in real life i wish to protect my home. What skills and talents do you have? my Skills and talents are,medical,weapon knowledge,Defencive and offencive driving and flying I'm willing to learn and train and hone my skills to the higher levels Why should we accept you into the force? The Reason to why i believe i think i should be allowed onto the force is due to the fact that i love the challenge of being an officer and pushing myself to the limits i think i can help the department grow and keep the street safe. i also have experience as a police officer on other server's What is the role of a law enforcement officer? A Law enforcement officer is many things they protect and serve the community and do their up most best to keep the community in safe order they are there to help everyone and anyone. Do you understand if you don't follow the rules or SOP'S you will be suspended and possibly removed from the force? Yes Have you read all the rules and do you understand them? Yes Sign your name here - Jacob Scott