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  1. Thanks a lot mate, looking forward to being a part of the CGRP staff and helping make a better community.
  2. Name most commonly referred to in the community: Niam Age: 15, turning 16 in less than a month Average weekly playtime: nill How long have you been active in our community? Around 2-3 weeks A little about yourself, occupation, interests etc.: I am currently in Grade 10 in high school. I like to play games such as PUBG, R6S, GTA V and Garry's Mod. Do you know any of the current CGRP staff, if so who? I somewhat know Varius Benson, I met him on the Dead Matter discord. I was talking about wanting to get into developing games and he told me that he has done some work in the past and that he is currently developing his own game. I was interested in what he had to offer so we talked for a while and he further told me about Civil Contract and I have been keeping track of the game and showing interest in its development since. What inspires you to join the Staff Team? I have always tried to join a staff team where ever I go to help moderate the place and keep it user-friendly so that everyone can enjoy. Also, you can see that I am always active on the Dead Matter Community Discord helping people and looking out for any new media. Doing this, I have earned a Trustworthy role in the Dead Matter News Research Team discord. Also, I like everything to be neat and in order. What can you bring and add to the Staff Team? I can bring a helpful and active individual who can keep a peaceful environment for all people in the CGRP - Official Discord. I can also all people with various questions they may have about the development of Civil Contract or CGRP in general. As I said before, I like things to be clean and in order, so I can offer more than just moderation of the Discord server. I can help maintain the Discord by making it easy to use, updating roles, text and voice channel. Have you ever been banned or kicked from a CGRP service? No What timezone do you live in? Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Do you have any previous staffing experience, this does not have to be on CapitalGamingRP (Please include game, community and role)? I have been a moderator on 2 Garry's Mod DarkRP servers. I have been a moderator on SkyRP and SoupRP. Do you know how to use EMP RCON? No, I do have Arma 3. Although, I am applying for a Discord Moderator role. Any other information you wish to provide: I am also looking to make videos on my YouTube channel about Civil Contract and its development if there will be more media available to the public, whether it be just screenshots, videos or even dev blogs, it's up to the developers. Saying this, if there is some sort of a partner program for Civil Contract and I get a big enough following, I will look forward to and apply to that.If you are interested in checking out my videos you can find them here: