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  1. You must be at least 15 to apply to become a Oz-Burg Police Staff member. You can apply for Oz-Burg Police Staff member. You need to have a microphone. You need to have previous role-play experience if do not you need to have at least 6 hours on the Official server! You need to show a understanding of the Job. You need to know and understand the rules of the Official server. You must have a discord account and be on the official discord server.
  2. OblongGaming

    Oz-Burg Police Ranks

    RECRUIT Squads RECRUIT Squads RECRUIT Squads RECRUIT Squads Rank Rank Sleeve Constable First Constable Senior Constable Leading Senior Constable Sergeant Senior Sergeant Inspector Chief Inspector Superintendent Commander Assistant Commissioner Deputy Commissioner Chief Commissioner
  3. Oz-Burg Academy is where all new applicants go through training in firearms, driving, scenarios and so much more, and the training is run in game at the Oz-Burg Police Academy More to be Announced soon