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  1. Report post Posted January 28 ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Name most commonly referred to in the community: zach Age: 19 Average weekly playtime: mon,wed,sat.sun How long have you been actively in our community? about a month or 2 A little about yourself, occupation, interests etc.: Do you know any of the current CGRP devs , if so who? Varius Benson What inspires you to join the Dev Team? to be able to work in the field that i love and enjoy and pursue my dream of game development and improve my skills hopefully learn from others What can you bring and add to the Dev Team? i can bring what skills i currently have and will yearn to improve my skills Have you ever been banned or kicked from a CGRP service? no i have not What timezone do you live in? AEST Do you have any previous deving experience, this does not have to be on CapitalGamingRP (Please include game, community and role)? none so far just been tinkering around for myself Do you know how to use EMP RCON? nope Any other information you wish to provide: no thanks Are you interested in working on CivilContract? yes