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    Oz-burg Police application

    1. I am 21 years old 2. i do have a working Microphone 3. i have played a few police Roleplays on Arma 3 and Garrys mod. 4. i have a understanding of the job Help people get crime of the streets traffic stops help others when needed and listening to fellow officers higher rank then me. 5. as the game is not out yet i dont know the offcial server rules, but i will always stand by the rules and never break one i just wanna have fun and do my job and get along with people. also i am very easy to work with 6. i am on the offcial Discord server Under Joeltheblade1889#1450 if you need to contact me. I Thank-you guys for giving me a opportunity in the police force if you do i will not let you down i will protect the city and keep it clear of crime while working with my Partners at the police station also thanks for making a great game i really do look forward to playing it and see it develop Good Luck with the Launch aswell guys ❤️ Thanks again Joel.