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    Dimmies - Tester Application

    Ok il inform u shortly on the final yes/no
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    Dimmies - Tester Application

    Do u have a twitch or YouTube?
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    Dimmies - Tester Application

    Under Review
  4. DEV BLOG Num 2. Date: 12/5/2018 [Fixed] Networking issue with seeing other players not wearing correct clothing. Lag from divvy vans - Crunched 3d model [Added] Divvy van Weed Bud Cigarette Punnings Ware House Bank Interior To Police Station Exterior Of Police Station Park Shopping Center McClappers (12/2/2018) Varius Benson
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    Screenshots & Gif's

    Gif's ScreenShots
  7. DEV BLOG Num 1. Date: 12/2/2018 [Fixed] CFA Uniform Glitching Through Player Mesh Garage Door Animation Texture for shirt [Added] Prison System Economy System Website Back Online Discord Emoji's (12/2/2018) Varius Benson
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    #1: When will the game be out? CivilContractRPG has no locked in date but we are currently on schedule for late 2018 early 2019. #2: What is CivilContractRPG? CivilContractRPG is a Modern-themed roleplay-adventure game set in the vast open world environment of Australia.The game focuses on mainly on the player. Creating an environment that feels alive and is constantly moving. For those players who choose the crime side of life their will be consequences for their actions if they get caught that is. #3: How long will jailtimes go for? Player will only be able to be in jail for a maximum of 30 minutes this is only for really bad crimes such as killing a LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) #4:Who is developing the game? A small team of 3 at the moment and we hope to get more devs in the future but we need to find the right people witch can take a bit. #5: How do u become a cop? Their will be a NPC inside the police station front lobby u will be able to speak to they will ask u if u want to start the test to become a law enforcement officer only players with more than 24 hours on the game will be able to do the test if u pass the test u will be able to start the tutorial on how be a good police officer than u will be able to start your shift as your first rank Probationary Constable. #6: How do we know this is not a scam like other games like CivilContract? Well we release screenshots of our development all the time and we do development streams of us actually in the game working on buildings vehicles player models and much more so this gives our followers more trust as they can actually see the game as we working on it in our streams. #7: How do i become a backer? Well currently our website prices for backer packages are on our store here's the link:
  9. Tester Application's Requirements: Ether be a streamer with more than 500 followers and average views of 20 or above. Age 15 + Mature Sign a NDA Template : Characters Name: Age (Real Life): Age (In Game): SteamID: Do you have access to a microphone?: What is your job title? (Not applicable if you don’t have a job): Why do you want to become a Tester?: What are your top 3 attributes?: What makes you better than anyone else who may be applying for this position?:
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    zach - CGRP - Dev Application". 

    Application Accepted: Interview Passed
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    Tom King - Development App

    Application Accepted: Welcome To The Team - I remember you from last time as you use to be a dev welcome back.
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    Rules and Regulations

    Rules & Regulations To provide and maintain an enjoyable experience throughout all of CapitalGamingRP's platforms we have crafted this document. This document outlines the rules and regulations governing CapitalGamingRP's community platforms, including, but not limited to, the communities communication platforms and servers. This document will be updated frequently, with adaptations highlighted in orange, and therefore we recommend you review this document on a regular basis. Friendly and polite at all times. Show respect to everyone, no matter their role. Constructive criticism is allowed but there is zero tolerance for aggressive or entitled demands. Harassment, abuse hate speech or any kind of discriminatory speech will not be tolerated. No spam, do not tag people, including community team, repeatedly or without need. No NSFW content (images and text, including your avatar and nickname, relating to explicit sexual content, mind-altering substances). No political and or religious topics to be discussed. No piracy, cheats, cracks or any kind of copyright breaching materials. Do not publicly accuse others of misconduct. Please always use the proper channels for reporting users/players to us. No threats, including those “made as a joke,” will not be tolerated. No private information to be revealed about any individual or corporate entity. No advertising (this is all forms of advertising). No economic activity of any kind, it is strictly prohibited. Use correct channel that are specific to your needs. Consequences for not following include, a mute, kick from server or even a ban. Moderators judgement will be used when dealing with disruptive behaviour, these rules are non – exhaustive. No arguing with the moderators or community team. Circumventing a ban will automatically get you a permaban. If someone breaks the rules, please @ the moderator role or a member of high authority that is online. Varius Benson CivilContractRPG Dev | Community Manager Please make sure to Comment on the rules and regulations wiith R&U (stands for Read and Understood)
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    Rules and Regulations

  14. For the CivilContract development team to be able to join please speak to Varius Benson as applications for this are not done via forum
  15. Make sure to post suggestions and questions in this forum topic not in announcements or development progress.
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    What is CivilContract?

    CivilContractRPG - Brief Description CivilContractRPG is a Modern-themed roleplay-adventure game set in the vast open world environment of Australia.The game focuses on mainly on the player. Creating an environment that feels alive and is constantly moving. For those players who choose the crime side of life there will be consequences for their actions if they get caught that is.
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    CapitalGamingRP Banner Teamspeak
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    Who Said Crime Dosent Matter?

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